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Elle Rio is an incredibly sexual young woman, one who churned and burned her way through every scene she appeared in during her short but sweet carnal career. Elle Rio's a fiery Latina lover with a lean and toned body, ripe medium-sized breasts, and a lusty look on her face that inspired heat in whoever she encounters. Elle Rio wasn't much of an actress, and her English was shaky at best, but her frenzied, maniacally energetic sex scenes put her in the first rank of down-and-dirty porn starlets.

Elle Rio was known in the late 80's porn industry as a truly insatiable and excitable performer, one who turned on even the most well-seasoned porn kings like no one else. Her films are interesting to watch to catch the way she takes total control of her men, driving the studs into completely unrehearsed passion. You can sometimes catch a look in a stud's eyes that's reminiscent of a deer caught in the headlights -- he's trapped and completely under the erotic spell of the red-hot Ms. Rio.

Elle Rio debuted in porn in 1986 and made an instant impact on the business with her exuberance and gusto. By the late 80's, her appearances in fiery flicks like 'Rio Heat' and 'Beyond The Denver Dynasty' had established her as the most popular Latina pornstress of her day. She retired in late 1989 after more than 50 features, but her films are still treasured today by fans of down-and-dirty sexuality. Elle Rio was one of the most passionate and energetic performers in porn history, a truly one-of-a-kind original

Birthdate : February 21, 1961
Astrology : Pisces
Birth Location : Brazil
Measurements : 38-25-36
Height : 5 feet, 10 inches (179 cm)
Hair Color : Black
Ethnicity : Latin
Known Alias : Ellie


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